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Information of Japanese Communist Party


1. Japanese Communist Party(JCP) persists in Scientific Socialism, In the first part of its Program , JCP declares scientific socialism is its theoretical basis. In the text of Association for Workers Education of Japan which has deep relation with JCP the following ideology are taught as the truth. These are, Protagonists of society are workers, Free development of all human beings, Scientific Socialism is the theory of human liberation, the theory of Productivity and production relationship, Base and superstructure, Class and nation, Class struggle, wage is Labor cost of labor, Retained earnings is Surplus labor, Leader of change is workers. JCP held the 28th Congress. JCP openly discussed Accumulation of capital, Terminology of Marxism to the public.


2. The relationship between Communists parties and JCP, between left movements and JCP, the position of JCP in the world.

The Communist Parties and similar organizations that sent messages to the 28th Congress are, Communist Party of Britain, Iraqi Communist Party, Progressive Party of Working People in Cyprus, Communist Party of Greece, Broad Front in Costa Rica, Communist Party of Chile, Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional, Hungarian Workers Party, Cidadania(Civic Party of Brazil), Labor Party of Brazil, Communist Pary of Vietnam, Labor Party of Belgium, Portuguese Communist Party. Meanwhile, JCP keeps deep relationship with left organizations, human rights organizations, peace organizations, and other organizations. For example, JCP interacts with peace organizations in Philippines and the USA. Sometimes, peace or human rights organizations in foreign countries are hostile to communist parties in their own countries. (some spelling for name for organizations are made by me)

Then everyone doubt which JCP choose, Communist Party or left organizations? In my opinion, JCP choose left organizations rather than communist parties in foreign countries. In the 28th Congress, JCP revised its Program, and changed the its view of history of the world. JCP deleted the part of USSR and its satellite east Europa communism countries So, the description of the world history of JCP became the realization of human rights, peace and so on by JCP. JCP may be the center of the world, and main actor for the movement is JCP.


3. The feature of JCP, that is Totalitarianism has never changed. Japanese Communist Party has a kind of concentration camp. It is the Psychiatry of Japan Federation of Democratic Medical Institutions. For example, Ando, Kan, writer of this document was forcibly taken to the Psychiatry of Yoyogi Hospital because I criticized JCP in 1990. Then JCP has been abused my human rights of psychiatry, and never apologized to me.


4. Some scholars and researchers study how to outlaw Japanese Communist Party because JCP persist in Scientific Socialism. Please check the basic character of JCP carefully. JCP feature is different from communists in your own country. Many Japanese will oppose strongly JCP to be ruling party in Japan.


Ando Kan, representative of Japan Future Research Association

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